Empower Your Whole Team

with a high-impact, 12-Month Immersive Storytelling for Sales Program

Equip your team to develop their emotional intelligence, persuasion skills and ability to influence decision-makers positively, consistently, and authentically.

Upskilling Your Team with a Blended Learning Program

This training program has been developed to be an engaging and effective blended learning program. It uses online learning and support modules with key learning outcomes, as well as live on-site workshops to reinforce the key learnings from the program.

Individual participants can learn at their own pace while also having interactive opportunities with fellow team members also going through the program. The program also has a live element to consolidate learning and ensure participants are putting the skills they learn through the program into action. 

The online component of the program is delivered on a world-class learning platform designed for maximum engagement and learning outcomes.

Create a Storytelling Culture that Makes a Material Difference to the Bottom Line

Increase your team's awareness around the softer skills of sales and communication that directly move the needle on all the other metrics that matter.


Online Learning Modules

A new module is released each month for participants to complete at their own pace. The online learning modules are all video-based with activities and interactive key learning review elements. Each learning module is 25 minutes in total length, broken down into bite-sized video modules (approx. 3 minutes each) for more effective learning. 

Email Learning and Support

Supplementary to video learning modules, each participant will receive email support to motivate and give practical direction on applying the learnings of that month's module. 

Live On-Site Workshops

The program includes two live workshops at the halfway point (approx. six-month mark) and a final workshop at the end of the program. This will enable participants to showcase their learning through group activities and feedback regarding their storytelling skills. These workshops will also provide inspiration and practical guidance on how participants can continue to develop their storytelling and communication skills in the future.

The Twelve Key Training Modules

Storytelling Foundations

Understanding the foundations of storytelling, why it should be used in business, and key frameworks to facilitate learning and improving communication using stories in business settings.

Building A (Reusable) Story Library 

This module teaches a process of capturing the stories you use in your sales and business meetings and ensuring that you can find and reuse them for future conversations and opportunities.

Storytelling with Data

Learn how to embed data-driven information into a simple narrative framework that engages the listener and helps interpret and clarify why the data being presented is important for the client.

Presenting with Stories

Learn the key elements to making sales and business presentations that lead with a story, using verbal and non-verbal (body language) techniques to achieve greater connection and engagement.

Case Study Stories

Explaining past success is one of the most compelling ways to showcase your service offer and how you can help current clients. This module gives the framework and activity to ensure every case study is engaging and influential. 

Virtual Storytelling

With more business communication being done online, this module teaches  how to apply the skills of storytelling in online communication mediums such as webinars, virtual presentations and video conferencing calls.

Helping Clients Make Decisions Faster

This module explores the key requirements for clients and prospects to make decisions and how you can influence this process through various story-based methods.

Metaphor Stories

A critical communication skill to learn and apply is the use of metaphors. This module teaches how to clarify and inform clients on the relevance of any key point in your sales presentation and conversations through interesting and suitable metaphor-based stories.

Visual Storytelling

Using more of the senses helps facilitate more engagement and memorability. This module teaches how to use visual aids to keep the attention and support your story's key message and point. This includes when presenting virtually and face to face. 

Persuasive Conversations

This module builds on the techniques and frameworks for telling engaging stories learned in previous modules. It explores and teaches the other key elements needed to make any conversation compelling and persuasive and how to hit the right balance between narrative and data.

The Story Behind Emotional Intelligence

This module teaches some key methods to improve your own ability to understand and read a room, how to gauge the energy in any meeting and effective ways to influence and raise it to ensure better outcomes with clients and prospects.

Reframing Your Internal Stories

This module teaches how we all have 'stories' in our heads about clients, projects, and deals. Participants will learn how these stories can either make or break momentum in our roles, as well as practical ways to reframe these internal stories for the best possible outcomes.

About Your Communication Coach and Trainer

Mick Mooney is the founder and creator of the Story Leadership Method and head trainer at the academy. He is the author of 'Trust Me, I'm Human: Why Storytelling Works at Work' and eight other books.

Mick has taught storytelling, communication, and strategy in some of the world's most iconic brands and is known for bringing passion, belief, and expertise into every session he facilitates. 


"I had 24 Years at IBM before my four years at Telstra, and your session was one of the best and most useful sessions I've ever attended."

Mark Hall, Telstra Executive

Next Steps

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