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The Story Leadership Method

Tap into the human-side of organisational change

The Story Leadership Method focuses on revealing to individuals their untapped potential within their organisational roles.

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What is the Story Leadership Method?

A human-centric approach to organisational transformation

The Story Leadership Method establishes a personal narrative for each employee to frame their role within the organisation in a meaningful way. This empowers individuals to lead themselves through change and achieve professional outcomes. 

Step-by-step guide to leading teams through change

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Step 1

Establish Trust

Establish a foundation of trust within your teams by building strong interpersonal connections through our human-centric approach to engagement.

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Step 2

Build Awareness

Build a positive framework for each team member that helps them identify where they are on their journey and how they can grow into a more purposeful role.

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Step 3

Cultivate Belief

Foster a culture where team members have a purpose-driven narrative that empowers them to believe in the best versions of themselves.

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Step 4

Inspire Initiative

With the right foundation established your team can now take initiative of their roles within your organisation.

Meet the Mentor

Founder of Story Leadership Method

Mick Mooney profile

Mick Mooney

Author of 'Trust Me, I'm Human: Why storytelling works at work'

Mick has spent his past 25 years immersing himself in the art and science of storytelling. 

From a Franchise Marketing Executive responsible for creating and running nationwide brand-storytelling campaigns, to stand-up comic and cartoonist trying to bend stories into laughter, to a novelist and screenwriter typing away in the midnight hours, Mick has discovered how organizations can be transformed through storytelling.

Brands that use The Story Leadership Method

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The Foundations Program

Bring the Story Leadership Method to your organisation

The Foundations Program

A remote transformational experience for teams

Our team has developed a program that combines all the benefits of the Story Leadership Method together into a remote training experience that is scalable to your whole organisation anywhere in the world.

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Tap into the human-side of cultural transformation

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