The Foundations Program

Empower your team to navigate through uncertainty 

Equip your teams on an individual level to be more resilient, more accountable, and more committed to progress despite the setbacks that happen along the way.


All Change Happens on an Individual Level

Whether an individual scores a point or blocks an opponent during a game, every team member's individual success is what eventually becomes the teams success. Achieving your business goals operates much like this. 

Once your team can define each individual's purpose & goal, the victories within your company will follow close behind. This is why we developed the Story Leadership Foundations Program:

  • ENCOURAGE each individual to overcome resistance to change

  • EQUIP your team to see how they will benefit from personal progress

  • ENGAGE your teams in a way that facilitates collaborative transformation

Build the proper foundations for your teams

+ Performance

✔︎ Improve performance and morale within your teams.

✔︎ Define individual roles in a purposeful way.

✔︎ Inspire individuals to feel more integral to organisational success.

+ Resilience

✔︎ Empower teams to take responsibility towards change.

✔︎ Develop teams with growth mindsets that stay resilient  through disruption.

✔︎ Move teams out of making excuses to taking action.

+ Connection

✔︎ Align teams to organisational vision.

✔︎ Engage teams towards transformation initiatives.

✔︎ Create a way for teams to feel connected across your organisation.

Unleash the HERO within

Enable your team members to see their role in the organisation through a story-based framework that has been used for thousands of years, from the Greek myths to Luke Skywalker, to inspire and clarify the stages of progress and transformation.

This program unpacks the universal application of this storytelling framework (often called the Hero’s Journey) that inspires personal responsibility, self-leadership, acts of courage, and a renewed commitment to achieving transformational outcomes.


"Highly Engaging, Entertaining & Educational"

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Paul Drinkwater

Enterprise Solutions | Salesforce

"A highly engaging and thought provoking course that is easy to digest, insightful, entertaining, educational and offers tremendous insights to what an individual or business can achieve by applying this framework to their daily lives and business strategies to ensure relevance and growth. “

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