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Gamify High Performance & Self-Leadership in your organisation

The QUEST is a creative leadership development program that empowers your sales team to create a vision, set goals, follow a process, stay accountable, and deliver on outcomes.

The QUEST: 12 Week Program

Transform your organisation at every level

The QUEST is a focused program that leverages The Story Leadership Method to enable the entire org to lift collectively, exceed expectations and targets, do well and enjoy themselves individually and collectively.

Hybrid Model of Implementation:

  • Online Modules
  • Email themed messages
  • Activity-based accountability
  • Monthly small group sessions
  • Mastery Workshops

What's included with The QUEST?

Content that engages individuals in every stage of their journey


Included with the QUEST

The Story Leadership Foundations Program

  • The Foundations program helps the individual discover how to move past resistance by learning the Story Leadership framework.
  • As a result of implementing this program, individuals will have a greater opportunity than ever before to become a high performer in their personal and professional life.

Foundations Program


Unlimited Access

  • 24 video modules with clear learning outcomes.
  • Highly engaging, animated, and insightful content designed to retain learning and drive real-world progress.
  • Individual login portal, self-paced learning with progress tracking and email support.


Individual focused

Empower individuals to progress through disruption

  • All organisational change that succeeds begins with the individual.
  • These weekly videos, assessments and messages are designed to keep individuals engaged towards their personal and professional objectives.
  • The content each week will help prime individuals with the Story Leadership mindset and prepare them for the Tribe Webinars and Transformation Workshops.

The Daily Download

12 Videos / 60 Emails

New Content Daily

  • 12 engaging videos that teach the story leadership method.
  • Bite-size 2-3 minutes segments
  • Reflection assessments to refine goals and progress track.
  • ADDITIONALLY: 5 days a week receive an inspirational short story to start the day with the Story Leadership mindset. 
Team focused

Connect high-performing individuals to a support system

  • Now that the individuals share a common framework we can begin building a healthy culture through our Tribe webinars.
  • Tribe webinars are designed to create team bonding experiences that connect individuals to other members of the organisation through activations and break-out sessions.
  • Tribes webinars will empower your leaders to implement the Story Leadership Method throughout their team.

Tribe Webinar

2 Webinars


  • 15 minutes of teaching
  • 30 minutes of tribe activity to set objectives
  • 10 minutes of reflection


Organisation focused

Align teams with organisational vision

  • Transformation Workshops will provide an opportunity for Tribes to connect and share their experiences across the organisation furthering the effect of cultural transformation.
  • By aligning the vision each quarter, your team will eliminate distractions and stay focused on the same goals and outcomes.

Transformation Workshops

2 Workshops

One Per Quarter

  • Start and complete the Quest Program with a 3-hour mindset & mastery session for setting transformative goals.
  • Activities around personal and professional mastery.
  • Break into small groups/tribes and share your process for the quarter.


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