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The Story Leadership Podcast

On the Story Leadership Podcast, we interview some of the world's best leaders in iconic companies about how they personally use storytelling in their roles, as well as how their companies leverage storytelling to achieve more of their strategic goals.

Episode 2:

C-Level Storytelling

In this episode I chat with Andrew Wildblood, the CEO of Vocus, one of Australia's largest telecommunications companies. Andrew shares some great insights into why he uses storytelling and how it helps him in his overall role of leading his organisation. Andrew shares from the perspective of the C-level and offers practical advice on how to leverage storytelling to help achieve the corporate goals you are aiming for. (Listen to full episode below)

Episode 1:

Storytelling For Sales and Business

I talk with Paul Tucker, former head of Growth and New Markets at Orange and more recently now with Microsoft. Paul shares his experience with storytelling on LinkedIn and what opportunities it opened up for him. He also shares where he sees storytelling role in building rapport and connection with both customers and co-workers. (Listen to full episode below)